Our Why

Our purpose is to create prosperity within communities. We treat your organisation as a community of like-minded people striving towards a common objective. We know that when organisations prosper, their teams prosper, and the local community prospers.

Our History

LMAC was founded in 2005 in New Zealand by Nigel Reaney with the aim of reversing the trend for offshoring manufacturing. Our UK office was opened in 2012 and we are proud of the impact we had made on the manufacturing communities in both countries in this time.

During this period, we have worked with a vast array of companies of different sizes and across diverse sectors. This has equipped us with the experience to bring proven solutions to your organisation in a structured approach.

We are passionate about continuous improvement and apply this internally as well. In 2018, we recognised that Industry 4.0 was going to play a critical role in the future of manufacturing and invested in developing our offering to cater for business needs. We became the first certified SIRI assessors in Australasia and the UK and have been supporting manufacturers to start, scale and sustain their advanced manufacturing transformation over the last few years.

What We Do

Our Capabilities


Operational Strategy

The foundation of excellence

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Lifting operational performance to industry best

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Continuous Improvement

The relentless drive for perfection

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Industry 4.0 &
Advanced Manufacturing

Leveraging the latest technology to support your strategy

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Due diligence

Due diligence to support business acquisition

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Asset Management

Getting the most out of your operational assets

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Our Approach

Each program is configured to suit your individual situation and objectives and our team are proficient at pulling together the optimum improvement plan for your organisation.

To do this, we follow a proven approach consisting of these logical phases:

  • Understanding your organisation and desired objectives
  • Evaluating your current state
  • Developing a plan to get you to your desired future state as efficiently as possible
  • Finalising objectives and deliverables together with shared accountabilities
  • Preparing for a successful change program
  • Proving the solution in a small pilot area / team or department (This gains quick buy in and create the template for the organisation)
  • Working alongside your teams to deploy and coach the required tools, skills, and behaviours to deliver the improvement
  • Validating the success and deliverables of the pilot
  • Standardise/document the solution and approach ready for scaling
  • Preparing for scaling the solution across the organisation
  • Effective change leadership / project management / governance to ensure results are achieved
  • Supporting the effective roll out and scale up of the proven solution

Internal capability build to sustain the improvement, including:

  • Standardised and documented processes/management systems
  • Defined accountabilities and responsibilities
    (Leader Standard Work)
  • Ongoing review framework


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