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We have a proven strategy for scalable and deployable growth.

If this is your desired destination, then we will provide the roadmap.

LMAC’s Smarter 4.0 roadmap is a packaged, scalable and deployable programme that incorporates three key phases: plan, deploy and scale. It has been specifically designed to enable you to onboard at any point in your business journey, and be deployed within your organisation to provide the iterative change required. Alternatively, you may see the need to engage all three phases in order to kick-start your smart manufacturing transformation. Whatever your business need, you can trust in the rigour of our roadmap to usher in a new era of progress and high performance.

Here are the key phases of the LMAC Smarter 4.0 Roadmap:


Everything starts with listening. It’s essential for us to understand where your business wants to go, and why you want to go there. We can then prepare your company for the SIRI assessment in order to maximise the outcomes. The 2-3 day assessment will shine a light on where some immediate wins can be made, through swift improvements. Additionally, it will also identify your business’s biggest cost drivers, and the KPIs which are most valuable to your specific vision.
LMAC then presents different options for your future plans. These range from a short-term operational plan (6-12 months) to address immediate concerns, to medium and long term plans (1-2 years or 2-5 years) based on your vision for the future.


When your business is at the deployment phase, LMAC’s experience in managing change successfully will provide immense benefit. We are experts in process change and change management, and our roadmap will enable you to really refine your vision. Whether it is implementation of technological solutions, adoption of lean principles, culture change, or all the above, our roadmap is the most direct pathway to development and growth. Strategically, the best method of deployment is to pilot new processes in one specific business area, in order to demonstrate proof of concept. Subsequently, as these processes are applied to additional business areas, the transformation continues apace. At LMAC, we have an extensive knowledge of the different digital products and vendors within the market. However, we have no obligation to any specific service provider. Our sole commitment is to recommend the best solutions for your business.


Our roadmap will help you establish the optimal time to scale up and scale fast. LMAC will support you in rolling out newly tested processes and systems across your business. We ensure that clients are not only equipped to move fast, but to move as one, with employees primed to be a part of the expansion. Our proficiency with lean principles ensures that scaling processes are managed in the most efficient way. In addition, the cost drivers and value KPIs that we can enable you to identify will act as guiding lights, keeping the scaling process aligned with your business’s specific vision.

The SIRI assessment was a thorough top to bottom assessment of Oasis Engineering's Industry 4.0 systems and processes. From the results we were able to develop an Industry 4.0 roadmap and clearly define our priorities for the next 2 to 3 years and beyond.
Kevin Flint
General Manager, Oasis Engineering

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