Any Organisation Size

Experience of shaping Continuous Improvement cultures within large and small organisations

Tailored Approach

We have a proven model, but each program is tailored to suit your organisational priorities. We don’t believe in one size fits all!

Real-world Experience

Our team have spent years within World Class organisations and understand what works and how to transfer this to other businesses

Sustainable results

Our goal is to deliver tangible results that last and make you 100% self-sufficient

Problems We Are Addressing With This Offering

  • Need to continuously improve at pace and want to get your teams engaged and pulling in the same direction (How do you get the majority of your people engaged and wanting to move the business forward)
  • Looking for tangible, sustainable improvements across your entire organisation
  • Companies that have a CI culture are great places to work and have low turnover/absenteeism
  • Create a continuous learning and growth mindset

What is Continuous Improvement?

LMAC’s Continuous Improvement program or CI program is designed to equip your organisation with the necessary tools, skills, and behaviours to get ahead of the competition and stay there. In today’s constantly changing market, you can’t afford to stand still. Change is the only constant and the organisations that can change and improve fast will be the ones that succeed. Too often though, this burden is shouldered by the Leaders of the organisation and by themselves, they will never keep up. To be successful, an organisation must engage and harness the potential of their people and get the critical mass moving forward in the same direction. You must build a “Continuous Improvement Culture”.

To shape this Culture, we focus on the following areas:

Tools & Systems

Your team needs to have the best tools to drive improvement. For example, problem solving,
standardisation, and daily performance management tools. From our experience across a
wide variety of industries, we have the appropriate improvement tools, systems, templates,
and frameworks that can be quickly set up and implemented.


Having the right tools is only part of the solution, your team needs to be confident in how to
effectively use them. We coach and mentor your teams to get the most out of these tools
and build it into your ongoing learning and development framework to sustain it.

Leadership Competency & Behaviour

It will be no surprise that we focus the majority of our time in this area. Your team can have the best tool and be fully skilled in its use, but if the Leader has not created the right environment, the team won’t succeed. The easiest example is when problem-solving, a Leaders role is to create, and role model an open environment where people feel confident to voice their opinion, collaborate with others and try new things without the fear of blame or repercussion.

Our down-to-earth coaches have the necessary experience and personality to work alongside your Leaders, building their confidence and capability. It is one of the most satisfying parts of our job when we see a Leader and their team coming together as one engaged and aligned group.

How Do We Approach It?

Shaping a culture can take a while, but an organisation and team need to see some quick results to build momentum. We have refined our approach to deliver the best balance of return on investment and sustainability. Starting in a pilot area with a clear performance improvement objective, we deploy the appropriate tools and coach the team on the supporting skills and behaviours. This leads to an immediate uplift in performance and builds the buy-in and momentum required to move forwards. We quickly move on to the next improvement objective and scale the approach across other teams and departments.

As we go through this program, we are building your internal capability, toolbox, and maturity model.

This allows you to be 100% sustainable and maintains a Continuous Improvement Culture.

Outcome: Tangible, sustainable benefits 3-4 times ROI*

Who is LMAC?

We are experts in implementing industry-leading practices. Our vision is to create prosperity within the manufacturing community, helping to produce quality jobs for future generations.

This prosperity is achieved through creating productive and sustainable manufacturing organisations.

We believe the source of real productivity ‘magic’ is found within the interlinking parts of an organisation’s operations. By observing intricacies within these processes, we can introduce refinery measures that will create the biggest impact in terms of productivity.

That’s how we guarantee you true sustainable growth.



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