Unlock 20 is a targeted offering, designed to give businesses an immediate uplift of at least 20% in productivity and capacity.

LMAC have a proven and logical approach that quickly identifies the constraints that is restricting your throughput.
Our experience across a wide variety of sectors and knowledge of multiple improvement techniques, allows us to quickly recommend the appropriate solutions. Most of these solutions are low-cost and can be implemented in weeks.
The final stage is to lock these gains in, where we will coach and support your leaders and teams to sustain the benefits.

Who Are LMAC?

We are world-leading experts in implementing industry-leading practices.
Our vision is to stimulate a productive and profitable economy and create prosperity within the manufacturing community, helping to produce quality jobs for future generations. This prosperity is achieved through creating productive and sustainable manufacturing organisations. We believe the source of real productivity ‘magic’ is found within the interlinking parts of an organisation’s operations. By observing intricacies within these processes, we can introduce refinery measures that will create the biggest impact in terms of productivity. That’s how we guarantee you true growth.

Multiple Industries

Experience with multiple industries including sectors specialising in manufacturing, protein processing and scientific services.

Achieve 20% Increase

Achieve 20% increase in productivity and capacity within 1-6 months*.

Growth Guaranteed

Our mission is to simulate impactful changes to generate genuine sustainable growth within organisations.

Introducing The 3 Main Challenges

There are 3 main challenges that we are seeing in the manufacturing sector at the moment and LMAC’s Unlock20 programme can help to resolve these by taking a different approach.


Many organisations are struggling to recruit enough people to deliver the required output.
We don’t believe this challenge is going to go away any time soon and organisations need to take an alternative approach. In our view, this is not a people problem, it is a process problem. Most processes we observe have a high amount of inefficiency and waste built in, and there is usually one or two steps of the process that is causing this problem. When we fix these, the throughput increases, and you can achieve a higher output with the same resources.


The unavoidable surge in costs has shaken the core of many industries, sectors, and organisations, forcing them to re-evaluate business models and resource allocation.

The majority of a manufacturer’s costs are Labour, Materials and Energy. As in the people section, the solution to this is to increase the productivity and throughput of your core processes. This is done through de-bottlenecking and process optimisation. There will be at least 50% waste in your processes and our experience will quickly pinpoint where the biggest opportunity is and implement sustainable solutions.

Delivering On Time

In today’s competitive market, being able to deliver quickly and more importantly on time is a key differentiator. However, with the challenges of supply chain disruption and resource shortages, organisations are struggling to consistently deliver. The key to getting a quick improvement in this area is all down to visibility. Multiple inputs and processes must come together at the right time to deliver the output on time. Most businesses don’t have visibility and control of these inputs and processes and therefore can’t make the necessary interventions until it is too late.

LMAC supports organisations to identify the critical areas of the business that require focus and quickly putting the required visibility and management systems in place to control them. This could be some basic manual processes and a digital solution that can be created within days. The improved visibility will quickly highlight where the issues are and will often lead to a de-bottlenecking activity as described in the People and Costs sections.

Industry 4.0

Watch the video to hear useful insights from our Industry 4.0 experts.

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