What does that mean practically for New Zealand manufacturers?

Our previous post was a brief overview of the Advanced Manufacturing ITP.

Now we give a quick overview of each priority and some of the specific initiatives that are likely to be of interest

The ITP is summarised in an action plan consisting of 20 initiatives. Here we outline a few of those related to LMAC’s expertise and current work.

Priority 1 (Initiatives 1-4): Increasing investment in advanced technologies and processes to lift productivity and wages.

Initiative 1: Demonstrate the value of advanced technologies & processes

This initiative aims to increase awareness & knowledge of technologies & processes that are becoming more accessible to SMEs as they mature. In particular looking to connect manufacturers to share knowledge & experience to help mutual growth.

It looks to build on and refine the Industry 4 demonstration network. An existing programme powered by Callaghan Innovation consisting of the Mobile Showcase run by Beca and the Smart Factory Showcase & Network of Site Visits managed by the EMA and delivered by LMAC.

More info on these existing initiatives in their current form can be found here: https://www.industry4.govt.nz/

With more events, webinars, factory tours and case studies this is a great opportunity for manufacturers to get inspired and get direction on their digital transformation journey.

Initiative 2: Company-specific advice on advanced technology and process adoption.

Whilst initiative one focuses on awareness, initiative 2 focuses on adoption. Looking to close the gap between ideas and outcomes.

In short it looks to expand the number of companies using the Smart Industry Readiness Index to help them map their future state and a plan to achieve it.

This is an exciting initiative for us at LMAC. Having introduced SIRI to New Zealand a few years ago, it is great to see it being formally recognised in the ITP as a reliable way of supporting companies on their journey. Expanding its coverage and looking to support ‘reassessments’ for those who have been on the journey for a few years is encouraging.

There is also mention in initiative two of support with adoption of technology, which could be a valuable next step for SMEs in particular.

Initiatives 3 & 4:

Whilst linked to the above, 3 & 4 are concerned with the financial support for companies to invest in manufacturing technologies and the visibility & awareness of this funding. Whilst there are no specific figures in the action plan financial support is clearly a key component when encouraging adoption.