Following our series of posts related to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation plan, here’s a summary of priority 3. For previous posts summarising the ITP, what it is and the first two priorities – head here: Priority 1, Priority 2.

In all these posts we’re spotlighting a particular initiative(s) that aligns to LMACs values and vision.

For further info, the full version can be found here: Industry Transformation Plan document.

Priority 3: Creating a leading sustainable circular net-zero emissions sector

Three initiatives make up priority 3:

  1. Mapping emissions and waste streams
  2. Embedding circular economy principles
  3. Support for embedding net zero emissions technologies

Being a member of the Sustainable Business Network, LMAC has since its inception supported clients in identifying and removing waste from processes (One of the fundamentals of lean manufacturing). With Initiative 11 focussed on the circular economy, it’s particularly exciting to see how Industry 4 technologies can support the development of this design led thinking.

For example, the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) that we use to understand current state maturity for manufacturers, has a dimension directly related to this. ‘Integrated Product Lifecycle’ – whilst traditionally this can be thought of in terms of traceability, with emerging and ever more accessible technologies like edge computing and the internet of things (IoT), the opportunities to change entire business models and revenue streams are real.

With New Zealand’s exporters being often distinctly remote from market, leveraging these to accelerate their circular economy & low emission opportunities will be essential. Tracking produce transport crates & environmental conditions; remote access to and monitoring of machines and data driven refurbishment and upgrades of products all serve as examples.

LMAC are bringing in expertise and improving our processes all the time, to meet these requirements. Introducing sustainability dimensions to our assessment process and bringing opportunities through to our clients digital transformation plans.