Processing site – 5 to 1 In year ROI


  • 3 site training, coaching & implementation using
  • Lean principles
  • Development of management team in effective problem solving
  • Set up of visual management
  • Development of balanced KPI’s
  • Change management process
  • Training and engagement at all levels
  • Management processes with clear visual factory principles
  • Focus Improvement Team approach to making sustained improvement
  • Core Lean tools deployed (SMED, 5S, SIM)
  • Developed maturity model with standard tools and processes
  • Problem-solving training & coaching at all levels


  • Improved safety performance
  • Improved quality, internal and external
  • 5:1 return on investment (in year savings)

Cultural change is positivity building and I am confident that the engagement techniques used by LMAC will lead to sustainable change. The approach used by LMAC is not only about the right tools, but coaching the right behaviours, at all levels of our organisation


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