Following our series of posts related to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation plan, here’s a summary of priorities 4 & 5. For previous posts summarising the ITP, what it is and the first three priorities – head here: What is Advanced Manufacturing ITP, Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3 .

In all these posts we’re spotlighting a particular initiative(s) that align with LMAC’s values and vision. For further info, the full Industry Transformation Plan document click here.

Priority 4: Improving the Understanding & Perceptions of Advanced Manufacturing.

Priority 4 acknowledges the mismatch in perceptions of New Zealand manufacturing and what it is. Traditionally the view of manufacturing as primary industry focussed; manually intensive, ‘dirty’ work, is now far from reality.

But these perceptions still damage the industry, whether it’s attracting the right workforce (See post about priority 2/Initiative 8) or the right investment partners, these images stifle potential.

Therefore Initiative 13 focuses on campaigns to show off the industry. LMAC alongside the EMA have been producing case studies of technology adoption in advanced manufacturing through the Network of Site Visits initiative as part of Callaghan Innovation’s Industry 4 demonstration Network. These case studies are designed to act as both insight and inspiration to the wider industry, but also can be used externally to show the type of innovative environment New Zealand’s Advanced manufacturing industry can be for employment & investment.

Priority 5: Improving the Understanding & Perceptions of Advanced Manufacturing.

Initiatives 14 & 15 under Priority 5 are targeted at the development of networks of manufacturers, technology providers, consultants and funding.

During the Smart Factory Showcase events – hosted by the EMA and powered by Callaghan Innovation we stress as facilitators the value of being connected to what’s going on. Attending events, meeting people in the industry sparks the innovation & connections that lead to real progress. Using the example of our Smart Factory Nautech Electronics who met their MES provider on a Callaghan Industry Trek to Singapore after not having success through ‘traditional’ search channels.