Following our series of posts related to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation plan, here’s a summary of priority 6. For previous posts summarising the ITP, what it is and the other five priorities – head here: What is Advanced Manufacturing ITP, Priority 1, Priority 2,  Priority 3, Priority 4 and Priority 5.

In all these posts we’re spotlighting a particular initiative(s) that aligns to LMACs values and vision. For further info, the full Industry Transformation Plan document click here.

Priority 6: Enhancing global connectivity and opportunities.

A series of study tours & trade missions with specific targets are proposed to help connect New Zealand to the world. Both to showcase technology to New Zealand manufacturers, but also to spotlight New Zealand Advanced Manufacturing as well (See Initiative 13 / Priority 4). 

Finally initiative 20 rounds off the action plan, focussing on the implementation support required to deliver on the rest of the initiatives in the ITP. Highlighting the original focus on co-ownership. 

Whilst LMAC have not directly consulted on the ITP process, we feel we’ve been able to have a positive influence on the initiatives present through the hard work and innovation that we’ve been inspiring to in recent years. We look forward to supporting the Advanced Manufacturing ITP in any way we can to make it a success and allow us to strive towards our purpose: Delivering prosperity in communities.